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Musings and Muses

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Uhm... What should I say about myself? I'm currently writing this before a class.

I'm 22 currently, unless someone reads this years later and I've forgotten to update my bio. I'm a college student, at the moment I'm doing first year engineering and working part-time as a sales associate.

I am bugged by close-minded people, stupid fights (thank you very much Bush-for-brains), propaganda, and cooked zucchini and raisins.

I'm a fanfic writer, but I'm struggling with a two-year long writer's block that only occasionally allows me to write anything, let alone anything I actually like.

I try to respect other people's opinions, though I also try to speak my mind, but often this is difficult, because I often can't make it up. I often see things from many points of views so I frequently argue both sides of an arguement.